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Everything you want to know, but don’t want to dig for… You can buy with confidence from GhostBed

Super Satisfied

"We purchased the queen size GhostBed on a Sunday evening and too our surprise Tuesday of that week it was sitting at our front door. Super fast shipping, less than two days! We replaced an ageing conventional pillow top with the GhostBed and couldn’t be happier. If your concerned about a memory foam mattress “sleeping hot” then this is the mattress to buy. The GhostBed does not sleep hot whatsoever thanks to the upper latex layer. Our GhostBed is so comfortable and you don’t get that “sunken in” felling that other memory foam mattresses can give. Our dog loves our new GhostBed too!"

– Lance., 5-star review

Spooky-Fast Shipping from Right Here in the U.S.

GhostBed has manufacturing facilities in both Canada and the United States. Our mattresses are made and shipped from one of the two locations in Canada, so they get to you frighteningly fast. Many customers receive their mattress within just 2-5 days of placing their order.

Put it another way: you could be sleeping soundly on your new GhostBed in less time than it takes you to finally get around to doing laundry.

Delivered Right to Your Door

You’ve got better things to do than wait around for your mattress to get delivered.

Your GhostBed will be delivered right to your door step, so it’s there waiting for you to get home.

The GhostBed

No-Hassle Refund Guarantee

Tried GhostBed for 30 days, and realized it’s just not right for you? No sweat.

The GhostBed customer service team will work with you to arrange pickup of your mattress. All you need to do is be home when the pickup crew arrives.

Hit the green button to start your return:

Hey, what happens to my mattress once it's picked up?

Depending on your location, your GhostBed will be donated to a nearby charity or recycled.

You get your money back, someone in need gets a new mattress, and you never have to lift a finger. Pretty good deal, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

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